She/They - 19 - Filipino/Canadian

Hello. This is Princess, or you can call me Tori, Hist, whatever. I use Medibang Paint to draw and colour.I really love Fire Emblem, though I have other interests (Which I won't bring up ofc).

I forbid anyone from making NFTs out of my works. Please inform me if someone has stolen my art and sold them as NFTs.

Find me

Discord - Lilina of Ostia#3305

If you like my stuff/want to help me out, then please consider donating to my Kofi


  • My favorite character is Lilina from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

  • I'm pretty dang lazy

  • I'm... I'm still trying to improve my art and designs ;;

  • I usually tend to jump on working from one project to another, since multitasking is a pain in the ass.

Art Status

Commissions - Will rework soon
Collabs - Considering...?
Trades - Varies
Requests - Mutuals only. Please don't ask for free art otherwise.


Before you follow

  • My private twitter is for mutuals only!

  • I usually like to ramble about Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. I almost never talk about my other interests unless necessary.

  • Some of my art may contain gore. Therefore, I post artwork with blood on occassion.

Do not interact if you're any of these

  • Proshipper / Anti-Anti

  • Pedo/zoo/pokephile (This includes MAPs, NOMAPs, and Loli/Shotacons)

  • The usual DNI's (Ableist, LGBTphobe, Sexist, and Racist)

  • NSFW account

  • Exclusionist of any kind

  • Super Straight

  • Weeaboo

  • Centrist/Rightist

  • ABDL/Babyfur/infantilizer

  • Anti-Hong Kong / Anti-Korea

  • Pro-Cryptocurrency / NFT